Upcycling Kimono project
from Kyoto.


Damage to the earth due to overproduction
We take it seriously.
Kimono that is no longer used for modern clothing life
Reborn to fit.
As a way to enjoy a new kimono
We propose to the present age.
Connecting tradition
to the present day
Kimono culture packed with Japanese aesthetics.
To finish one kimono
Many processes are completed by skilled craftsmen.
There is a long-standing sensibility of Japanese people
It is being utilized.
It inherits the good old Japanese aesthetics.

About KIEN

  • 1UpcycleUpcycle Give new values
    to KIMONO that is no longer used.

    • Upcycle Vintage KIMONO
      Elaborately produced vintage KIMONO have delicate embroideries and bright colors backed by high techniques that cannot be reproduced today, which we take pride as Japanese. To not let our KIMONO culture die, we have transformed vintage KIMONO that is no longer used intomodern clothing, which we would like to propose as new way to enjoy KIMONO in the present age.
    • Specially selected vintage KIMONO
      We mainly select formal black KIMONO called “TOMESODE” produced in 1970-1990 in good condition with beautiful patterns.We believe, “TOMESODE” looks the most beautiful when remodeled into a dress.
    • Maintenance of the fabric
      Through traditional Japanese KIMONO washing and stretching method, we bring the fabric into life. All the processes are handled by craftsmen in Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan.
    • Making KIMONO into a new roll of fabric
      After the maintenance processes, a KIMONO is dissembled and sewn into a roll of fabric.
    • Remodeling into KIMONO dress
      With contemporary patterning, a KIMONO is remodeled into a new product.
  • 2Made in KyotoRevived by craftsmen in Kyoto

    • Dyeing
      By re- dyeing, KIMONO can be brought back into life. The amount of dyes and brush dyeing technique require enormous knowledge and skills developed by decades of trainings and experiences.
    • Covering with glue
      To avoid colors from mixing up in re-dyeing process, the fabric is covered with glue. Even a detailed pattern can be covered with glue by delicate technique of craftsmen.
    • Embroidery
      You can order an embroidery of a design of your choice such as family crest to create your one and only original design.
    • Washing & Stretching the fabric
      This Japanese traditional way of washingKIMONO can bring the antique fabric into life by dissembling KIMONO into theoriginal roll of fabric before washing. We not only use vintage fabric but we refresh the fabric.
    • Adjustments
      We bring the fabric into life by removing with special techniques stains and cross staining that cannot be removed by washing and stretching.
  • 3KIENBehind the story of
    our brand name KIEN

    • -KIEN-
      “KI” from the word representing four seasons, which is a characteristic of Japan.
      “EN” represents the essence of Buddhismmeaning that if we cherish pure happenstances, there will be a way.
      We combined these two letters and named our brand “KIEN” with a hope to convey Japanese culture to those people who come together by fate in this world through KIMONO that we create living side by side with and feeling four seasons.
  • 4SustainableOur efforts towards SDGs

    • As a member of the global society, we KIEN support SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals.)
    • Goal 8: Job satisfaction and economic growth at the same time
      To achieve full and productive employment and decent work for all women and men including youngster and people with disabilities by 2030.
    • Goal 12: Responsible to produce and consume
      To drastically reduce wastes by 2030, through preventing generation of wastes, reducing, recycling and reusing wastes.
  • 5CharityTo preserve KIMONO culture

    • We will donate a part of our sales to contribute to the preservation of KIMONO culture.

Kimono Couture

Kimono dressCache-coeur
【Cache Coeur】
A wrap dress with a tight fit, which is closerto KIMONO. OBI belt using abundant antique fabric gives an accent to the dress, leavingtraditional impression of KIMONO.
Kimono dressCocoon
This dress is characterized by the soft line from the shoulder to the cuff. Less exposure of arms creates classy and elegant look. Popular for its feminine round shape.
Kimono dressDrape neck
【Drape neck】
Sleeveless model with an accent on the neck line. We recommend to wear it with our gown (HAORI) to make it less exposing.
Kimono dressPlume
An elegant dress with covering sleeves for a more kimono-like expression.
Kimono dressOnepiece-1
A popular choice for even the fuller frames as the flattering lines create a slimming effect. Enjoy the unique sleeve gap detailing.
Kimono dressOnepiece-2
A popular choice for even the fuller frames as the flattering lines create a slimming effect. Its simple design allows for casual wear.
Kimono dressHalter neck
【Halter neck】
The halterneck design with ribbon detailing creates an elegant back silhouette.
Kimono dressRaglan sleeve
【Raglan sleeve】
The non-cocoon type of raglan sleeve design creates a simple yet elegant line with no seam at the shoulders.
Kimono gownHAORI (Long/Middle/Short )
A gown that matches casual style. Three variation for the length.


You can try KIMONO dresses on and see the fabric samples.
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