exhibition in Abū Dhabī


An exhibition order for kimono dresses and kimono avatars was held at the exhibition “ADEHEX” held in UAE Abu Dhabi from August 27 to 30, 2019.

First, the state of the exhibition. . .



A lot of camels and falcons are sold

Guns and military vehicles were also sold.





A different culture that I have never seen before.



Over 90% of their people are in the oil industry.

All men are dressed in white and do not carry luggage.


The outside is very hot, so the number of customers increases at 19:00.


At the exhibition hall, 90% were male and everyone was young.

Then I was surprised to see the population distribution. It means that the age of 45 and over decreases too rapidly.


Perhaps a heavy meal after the day of Ramadan (fasting about a month) is a burden on the body.

There were many people like KONISHIKI among children. . .